Are you using social media for the WRONG reasons?

Are you using social media for the WRONG reasons?

Businesses & consumers tell me almost daily they have a company or idea and then ask how I would help ‘promote’ or ‘market’ them? (If I had a dime every time I heard this I’d be writing this from Bora Bora staring into the clear water, or would I be…haha)? There are two simple questions that will bring my awareness as to how serious they are, where their idea/concept is in the marketing funnel, and if we have enough compatibility to move forward.

Number 1: Why do you want to use social media? I usually get answers such as: everyone’s on social media, so that’s where my business needs to be, or my daughter’s uncle’s mother’s cousin was telling me I must start using Instagram. So, those are reasons, yet not enough behind why you should be investing money into marketing your business all over the world-wide web. I need to know what your articulate business reasons are for using social media such as: I have a photography company and I want to use Facebook and Instagram to promote my business because of the nature of what I do, and most of my clientele and target market are using those sites. Another example would be: I run a wholesale B2B (Business to Business) company, therefore I need to get on LinkedIn to reach out to the COO of specific companies to introduce and network my business.

Number 2: What are your business goals? (This question gets some of the best answers. I really should make a reel of the responses I get.) I MUST know where you want your business to be in 3 months, 6months, 1 year, 5 years, etc. Short & long-term goals are ESSENTIAL in knowing whether your business is ready to be highlighted on ANY social media sites. Also, if people are looking to use social media to save their business it’s an ultimate disaster. Social media will bring ANY & EVERY business flaw to the forefront, and you will be held publicly responsible for it.

I know those questions are simple and straightforward, yet the answers I get most often are not. In fact, the less time it takes the person to tell me their answers and the simpler they are, the more they have invested and the higher their chances are in making it in the social media sphere!

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