Anvilworks case study

AnvilWorks is a full body fitness club that takes a specific approach to workout regimens by building programs tailored to individuals where they compete with their own goals in groups to make it to the next tier.
Students will perform the workout for a length of time, and then test out to get to the next level. It’s very similar to the methods used in martial arts, or karate in comparison to colored belts they receive on completion.
We ran a few different promotions during the holidays for clients who were looking to get started on a new fitness regimen or take the current one they have to the next level.
We created three different circuit training programs where you were guaranteed results (weight loss or inches lost) or your money back: Month Before Xmas, Weekend Warrior, and Holiday Crush. The duration of the programs were an entire month before December 25th (weekends & weekdays) 1 month of weekends in the month of December, and Weekdays only in December.
We targeted age ranges 18-25, 26-36, and 37+. We ended
up selling out each of the programs by using different images to target specific age ranges.
The first image below was used for 18-25, and the bottom image was used for 26-36 & 37+.
You can see how successful each program was with the different age groups, and who gravitated more toward each workout plan. The Month before Xmas was a really big hit with all 3 groups, where Weekend Warrior really only worked for 18-25 & 26-36, and the same goes for Holiday Crush. Moving forward, Anvilworks focused more on the age range 18-36, since the 37+ in their target market and demographic really didn’t show much interest in these types of programs